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Tekion Subprocessors
At Tekion, we place transparency on a pedestal. Below is a list of subprocessors that we work with and the purpose for why we use their services.
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Subprocessor Names  Type Location Purpose
MongoDB, Inc.  Managed database  US Product development and support
Confluent, Inc.  Managed database US Product development and support
Amazon Web Services, Inc.   Service Provider US, France Cloud Provider
Microsoft Corp Service Provider US, France Cloud Provider
Stripe, Inc.  Service Provider  US, France Used to provide Tekion payment processing and gateway services
Asayer SAS D/B/A Open Replay Service Provider  N/A - Does not store Tekion data. Its engineers have access to customer sessions for troubleshooting Support
Twilio Inc Service Provider US, Ireland Communication Platform for text messaging
GoTo Service Provider US Communication Platform for voice calls
Oracle NetSuite Service Provider US Enterprise Resource Planning
WalkMe Ltd. Service Provider US Used to provide notifications and support information to Tekion users within Tekion’s products
Aerospike, Inc. Service Provider US Used to improve the stability and speed of Tekion’s products
Check Technologies, Inc. Service Provider US Provide back-end payroll services and tax calculations for Tekion's payroll products
ServiceNow Service Provider US Knowledge Management Service
Digicert, Inc. Service Provider Netherlands/Switzerland
e-Signature Service

BCT Consulting

Service Provider US, India Customer Support


Tekion Affiliates    Location
Tekion Canada ULC  Subsidiary  Canada
Tekion India Private Ltd  Subsidiary  India
Tekion France SAS  Subsidiary  France
Tekion Germany GmbH  Subsidiary  Germany
Tekion UK Limited Subsidiary United Kingdom